5 Best Reasons to Attend the Utah Lake Festival

As published by the Utah Lake Commission. Images removed.

Need the perfect way to kick off the summer with the family? Three words—Utah. Lake. Festival.

The Utah Lake Commission staff knows just how important it is to start the summer off the right way. So each year they partner with June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program, and the Utah Department of Natural Resources to put on the Utah Lake Festival for the fine citizens of Utah County to experience the best the lake has to offer. The group has put in the hard work behind the scenes to bring everything fun and exciting to one event so you can do the easy work of having fun.

Here are our top 5 reasons to attend the Utah Lake Festival this year. Take a minute to read through the list to learn why you should absolutely mark your calendar for June 2nd:

#1 Buffet of Fun

There is a lot to do at Utah Lake. And for this festival, the Utah Lake Commission and partners, have brought it all to one place to make things easy. There is something for all ages. Cabelas will be on hand to teach what you need to know to catch all the varieties of fish living in the lake. The exciting Sailboat Regatta will be in full swing put on by Bonneville SailingEpic Recreation will be offering a variety of activities that include free paddleboard rentals. In addition, there will be a rock climbing wall, designated sand castle building areas, and sailboat rides for all. And because we know people get hungry, these Food Trucks will be on-site ready to feed the masses: Good GrindzMaize Food TruckErnies Sports DeliKona IceBoba Shack, and last but not least The Penguin Brothers.

#2 Educate Yourself

There is a lot to learn about Utah Lake. It is a complex and fragile ecosystem. We will have booths, booths, and more booths to educate and entertain. We’ve got the answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about the lake. Like, how many pounds of carp have been removed (spoiler alert: it’s a lot)? How is the June Sucker’s recovery coming? And what is the deal with those algae blooms? The festival’s aim is to inspire curiosity, foster creative solutions, and provide the best information there is. By the time you leave the festival, you will be an expert in all things Utah Lake.

#3 Win Prizes

Along with all the free fun, there are also lots and lots of sweet prizes to win. There will be Utah Lake SWAG which includes branded sunglasses and water bottles. As well, each festival goer will have the chance to win the following: a free RZR rental or a paddleboard (not a paddleboard rental—an entire paddleboard) from Epic Recreation. The Bonneville School of Sailing will also be giving away two Sunset Sails. In order to win SWAG, you have to fill out the punch card you pick up at the entrance. Each completed punch card will be entered in a raffle for the grand prizes.

#4 It Pays to be Free

Let’s face it—every family in this valley is on a budget. Times can be tough and resources are sometimes scarce, which makes the cost of this festival even sweeter. Everything, with the exception of the Food Trucks, is free. Park entrance. Face Painting. Fishing(under the age of 12). Boat rides. Paddleboarding. Everything. This is an unbelievably valuable festival.

#5 Witness Improvements

Did you ever wonder why Utah Lake State Park was closed all winter? Now is your chance to see. Over $1.5 million has been invested in dredging the park and improving visitor access to the State Park. All winter long Geneva Rock has been hard at work dredging the inner marina. Over 70,000 cubic yards of material and underwater hazards have been excavated so you, your boat, and your prop leaves the marina in safety— even on a low water year. Meaning that the inlet, boat channel, and most of the inner marina are now 4ft deeper. Boat ramps have been extended to keep up with fluctuating lake levels. More pavilions have been added in prime locations perfect for picnics. Both jettys have seen improvements; the north jetty has been paved and the south jetty has been graded. And to top it all off, the Campgrounds to the north have had new fire pits installed as well as some other minor improvements.


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end. However, this list is in no way comprehensive. How can you possibly hope to capture the fun of a day at the lake in a simple list?! You can’t. So stop reading this article and mark your calendars for Saturday, June 2nd from 10am-2pm so you can get firsthand experience. RSVP on our Facebook event for the most up-to-date information and while you’re at it check out our live Utah Lake Festival countdown clock on our website.


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